If you have been diagnosed with the common cause of dizziness (Benign Paroxysal Positional Vertigo BPPV), you can treat it yourself. We can usually diagnose BPPV by the way you describe the dizziness.

Here is a website which describes what BPPV is:


There are two common head movements to treat your dizziness.

You could either use the Epley head movement or the Brandt-Daroff head movement.

There are videos and leaflets for each treatment below.

If these do not work, please let us know so we can discuss other options.

Epley head movements

Step by step written instructions:

Epley guide Dorset NHS (EXTERNAL LINK)

Step by step video instructions:

If you notice that turning onto their right side (e.g. in bed) the dizziness starts, this means the right ear is affected. To treat this you should use the right sided Epley head movements.

If on the other hand you notice your dizziness is set off by turning onto your left side, then this means the left ear is the one affected. In this case use, the left sided Epley head movements.


Right sided Epley:


Left sided Epley:



Brandt-Daroff head movements

Note: For these head movements, it does not matter which ear is affected. The head movements are the same for both.

Step by step written instructions:

Brandt Daroff guide Sandwell NHS (EXTERNAL LINK)

Step by step video instructions (Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS):


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